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Activities & Events


  • May

    A Course on Digital Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs : A Marketer's Journey to Acquire Paid Customers. (Limited to 50 seats only)

    May 17, 2017 - May 18, 2017 Course description: 

    As the world of Marketing experience massive disruptions and changes from all front, organisations and entrepreneurs must keep abreast of the development actively. It comes to a point where there is no such thing as loyalty anymore from consumers to brands. It has to be earned. When the competition is getting extremely overwhelming, the Marketing efforts must be done strategically to satisfy the KPIs. This 2-day workshop is designed for Marketing and and Public Relations executives as well as entrepreneurs to take a step back and understand the journey on how to acquire paid customers the most effective ways by humanizing your approach. You will learn how to take advantage of other people’s habits and behavior creatively from this. This is what Marketing is all about.


    To help participants understand the power of social media and digital marketing and how to leverage these powerful marketing platforms for business growth and customer retention locally and internationally.


    1.  The Concept: How to Make People Buy?
    2.   How to Play Branding?
    3.   How to Develop Content?
    4.   How to Create Awareness?
    5.   How to Establish Trust and Community?
    6.   How to Acquire Paid Customers?

    To apply for this course, please sign in here
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